Predictive Dialer

Utilize predicitve algorithms to increase revenue!

Less wait time for your agents = More revenue for your bottom line.


Instant Messaging

Collaborate and keep in constant contact with yor agents.

Coach agents real time and get company wide messages across groups in seconds.


Welcome to VoIPeach

VoIPeach utilizes proven open source systems combined with proprietary algorithms and codecs to provide top notch telephony solutions for enterprise and call center environments. Our clients see immediate productivity increases by way of increased contacts, less dropped calls, improved bandwidth utilization, and unique communication tools.

Sales and Telemarketing

Dial multiple lines per agent to keep your agents pitching. Advanced call routing to get the calls to your agents quickly. AMD included reduces the number of answering machines drastically and allows you to leave prerecorded messages.


Highly compressed bandwidth codecs developed by VoIPeach allow for virtual agents in your office, in a satellite office, working from home, or even overseas minimal to no latency and high call quality. Handle call bursting during peak hours without needing a large staff on hand at all times. This translates into savings and more revenue

Customer Service

Advanced call routing via IVR or customer CID detection gets your customer to the right agent quickly, leading to a better customer experience and more return business.


Large enterprise systems can benefit from cloud based and redundant contact centers with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Our system is scalable from 5 to 400 users and larger for custom systems.

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